ALS-218LED Return to Baseball/Softball Scoreboards >
This 8’ x 2’ wall mounted scoreboard with 2’ x 2’ bottler logo area (included) is great for smaller programs. Features 9” red superbright LED (light emitting diode) numerals which last over 100,000-hours of continual use, never need maintenance and consume 90% less power than indoor light bulb style scoreboards. Bonus, possession and period indicators are standard. Scores go 0-99. Package includes: controller, loud buzzer horn, wall mount/ceiling hanging brackets, bottler logo, 150’ of control cable with j-box cover (cable models only), and a complete operation, installation and service manual. INDOOR USE ONLY. 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.
Size: 8' x 2' x8"
Hanging Weight: 130 lbs.
Popular Options: Wireless Remote Control System, Sponsor Panel(s), Protective Net