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Scoreboard: Deluxe 22-gauge galvanneal steel scoreboard with a powder-coat finish comes with huge 15” orange and red superbright 100,000-hour rated LED (light emitting diode) numerals. Easy to use, universal LCD controller with visual readout included. 1/10th of a second timing feature in last minute and time-out timer standard. Scores go 0-199. Clock counts down from 99:59 maximum. Also included are: loud buzzer horn, bottler sponsor logos, built-in 12” x 8’ sponsor panel with basic lettering, wall mount brackets and a complete operation, installation and service manual (150’ control cable with j-box cover also included—cable models only). Interchangeable captions for volleyball and wrestling standard. Wrestling captions read BOUT, ADV./WEIGHT and BOUT. Multiple scoreboards can be run in synchronization or independently. INDOOR USE ONLY. 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.

Player/Point/Foul Panels: State-of-the-art 18-gauge steel electronic foul panel set comes with large 9” orange and red superbright 100,000-hour rated LED numerals. Electronic panels will display current five player numbers, points and fouls as well as team time-outs left. INDOOR USE ONLY. 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.
Size: 16' x 8' x 8"
Hanging Weight: 775 lbs.
Popular Options: Wireless Remote Control System, Controller Carry Case, Hand-Held Clock Switch